SPARK-H 2021

23. februar

13:00 - 14:00

Digitalt arrangement

Electrification can only go so far in achieving a carbon-neutral economy. Hydrogen will play a key role in the decarbonisation of many areas of transport, heavy industry, and heating.

From the European Union to Australia, governments around the world are publishing hydrogen strategies pledging to ramp up production and uptake between now and 2050.

SPARK-H will support the growth of the clean hydrogen sector by showcasing the latest projects and innovations and providing a virtual space for partners across the value chain to meet, no matter where they are in the world. Spark-H is taking place online from 23 – 24 February 2021.

On the first day, Monday 23. February, Thomas Bjørdal from RENERGY will be joining a panel session on hydrogen as part of a sustainable future.

Access the full programme and register to attend here: Spark-H Virtual Conference