NTNU Energy Transition Conference 2022

29. mars


Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim

The NTNU Energy Transition Conference is an annual event where academia, industry and policymakers meet to discuss the transition to a sustainable energy system. The event is free and available to everyone.

Theme: Accelerating Transition

09:00 – Opening Session: Urgent change
10:00 – A shift in International Finance: Greenwash or for real?
Examining the role of the finance industry as a driving force that accelerates the transition.
12:15 – Rapid Deployment: Behaviour & Technology
This session discusses urgent actions needed to reach our climate and energy targets.
14:00 – Regional Mitigation Strategies: Feasibility and Conflicts
On how accelerated transition strategies can avoid conflict and still remain feasible when companies and regions require different speeds and divergences.
16:00 – People, polarisation and populism
Discussing how transitions can counteract injustices and the role of media and education in the current transition debate.
17:30 – Closing remarks

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